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Panic…or Don’t Medical Records Count for Something?

Don't Medical Records Count for Something?

Don’t Medical Records Count for Something?

So my urologist prescribed OsmoPrep, a total of 32 pills to act as a bowel cleanser prior to surgery. I filled the prescription at a cost of $56. I left it in the bag until this morning. When I took it out of the bag and began reading the long sheet that the pharmacy supplied discussing the drug, its actions and contradictions my eyes nearly bulged out of my head. Right there in plain text it said that the drug is not recommended for anyone that has had a gastric bypass where stapling of the intestines was used. Oops, I have had such surgery (I lost about 100 pounds in the process).

What is the use of providing medical records if physicians don’t pay any attention to them. Prior to this surgery I specifically mentioned the gastric bypass to my urologist as we were discussing the placement of the five puncture holes used in this surgical procedure. I also provided him with an updated medical history, the same history was provided at my pre-op testing and clearance that was performed at the hospital’s pre-op testing clinic and the gastric bypass was done at the same hospital and through the same physician’s group as this cancer surgery so it appears in my medical records at the hospital as well as in the records of the group. You’d think that the physicians would pay a bit more attention to the medical records they ask for rather than write standard orders…Just saying.

Were I to take this prep, the potential for my food intake pouch (what is left of one’s stomach after bariatric surgery) is that the pouch could simply explode requiring extensive repair were I to survive the explosion. I am certainly not willing to take that risk when there are alternatives that do not carry the same potentially lethal side effects.

Right now, I am waiting for a return call from the urologists office. There are substitutes preparations that will cleanse the bowels and all I need is a prescription called into my pharmacy to make this work. If we cannot get this taken care of this morning I suspect we might have to cancel the procedure and find the next open spot. Talk about things outside of one’s direct control…

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5 thoughts on “Panic…or Don’t Medical Records Count for Something?

  1. Surgeons do not listen to their patients. It would ridiculous if this gets cancelled due to this. I hope not for your case.

  2. David Passman on said:

    I’d like to buy a vowel: “A”, please.

    Seriously, there is no reason for you to be put through this, and you have every right to the position you have taken.

  3. David,
    Not so certain I want to use the “M” word here but it certainly borders on it…yes!

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