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From the Hospital

Calm Waters Photo credit: Roger Passman

Calm Waters

Surgery was performed yesterday, early in the morning. By the time I was introduced to my room, it was right around 6:00 PM. It seems I couldn’t be released from recovery until they had a room cleaned for me to occupy. This added about a 3 hour extension in recovery, a wait I didn’t mind for two reasons. First, I don’t recall to much of my stay in recovery because I slept most of the time. More importantly, my urologist found me in a moment of lucidity in recovery and told me that surgery went well and that it appears that he got everything. That news caused my blood pressure to drop into a normal range. It is amazing how stress effects one’s life.

While the news is quite good, I am not yet out of the woods. For the next two years I will be asked to submit to CAT scans four times a year, the next two years I will be asked to submit to CAT scans twice a year and thereafter one per year. Somewhere in the back of my mind, prostate cancer will always be with me.

I will be spending a second night in the hospital mainly because I am experiencing extraordinary pains deep in my shoulders from the carbon dioxide gas they push into the abdomen to allow the robot to see what is going on. It only effects me when I am walking in the corridor and it takes quite some time to go away. But even this pain cannot take away from the news that I am currently cancer free.

I need some time to process all this, deal with the post-operative side-effects and add the outcome to my gratitude list. I couldn’t have asked for a better result.

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