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With Apologies to Martin Luther King, Jr. — Free at Last!

Free At Last

Free At Last (photo credit: Roger Passman)

The first words I heard on the news this morning as I was getting ready to take a shower was that the area was seeing a bit of light rain and that it would last at least through rush hour and maybe beyond. “Oh no,” I thought, “this will make our drive into the city miserable!” There I go, projecting again. When will I ever learn? What really might make the drive miserable is traffic for whatever reason that traffic builds, be it time, weather or early holiday shoppers and I never even thought about other reasons.

This morning I had an appointment to remove the catheter that has been my constant companion since surgery last Wednesday. While mostly going unnoticed, there were times when the catheter was a royal pain, mostly when it came to doing the necessary upkeep to make the whole thing run smoothly. Then I had a day bag and a night bag, each one requiring a different skill set to manage. But this would all end this morning when the catheter would be ripped from my insides to bother me no longer.

Driving into the city was nothing like I imagined. There was no rain, only a bit of holiday traffic but it was still early. We left the house at 5:50 AM to make an 8:45 AM appointment. While I didn’t think it would take that long to drive into the city, I knew if we left much later our 1 hour drive could easily turn into 2 hours and then who knows. My mother taught me that if you aren’t at least ten minutes early for an appointment, you are definitely late. We arrived, dry, at 7:10 AM and sat down to a healthy hospital food breakfast. Yummy?

Being conscious of the time, we arrived at the urology clinic at 8:30 AM for my 8:45 AM appointment. Good, I was on time. Once checked in, I received a pager and a set of instructions for where to go when the pager went off. I expected rapid treatment because I booked the first appointment of the morning. So I sat patiently, waiting, waiting, waiting…until 9:30 AM when I went to the receptionist’s desk to ask if the pager was working or not. After many questions, the nice young lady behind the counter paged the nurse practitioner with whom I had the appointment. In a few moments a nurse appeared and led me to the procedure room. She was quite apologetic, perhaps because she was not the nurse practitioner with whom I scheduled the appointment, but she was efficient and pleasant; before long I was sans catheter. Oh happy days…

I came to the procedure armed with two pair of Depends for men. I expect to leak a bit as my body becomes used to working without help. There are exercises I am supposed to do and because they are so easily accomplished I do them frequently. I expect to not need these male diapers for too long but I am prepared for several days worth of leaking. I can always buy more if I miscalculated.

The whole point of this post is that progress is being made. Not only am I cancer free as of this very moment, I am also catheter free. We’ll see about erections and incontinence as time goes by.

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